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Allard Audiology is owned and operated by Regulated Audiologist, and has been serving Scarborough and the Toronto area since 1996.
By establishing a comfortable relationship of trust, our goal is to help our patients understand how hearing loss impacts their lives and to help them engage in effective coping strategies that ease their ability to communicate with those that touch them in their lives.

Did you know:

You can connect your hearing aid to your:

  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • car audio
  • remote microphones

Hearing aids are like advanced personal hearing computers. These fully digital hearing aids offer great fitting capabilities and automatically adjust to sounds and speech. We are fully trained to work with you to select the most appropriate product based on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget. We can fit any product from the most basic to the most technologically advanced hearing aid.




Some interesting facts about hearing loss

  • One in ten people have hearing loss
  • 65 % of those with hearing loss are below 65 years
  • nearly half of those 65 or older have some degree of hearing loss
  • hearing loss affects 1 in 5 teenagers
  • those with diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss
  • those with even a mild hearing loss have twice the risk for dementia
  • 60% of returning soldiers have hearing loss
  • Hearing loss and tinnitus are the top two injuries of those in combat
  • Those with hearing loss usually take 7-10 years before seeking treatment