Allard Audiology was founded by Audiologist, Brad Allard in 1996. Brad started the clinic with the unshaken belief that the hearing impaired deserve patient-centred diagnostic and rehabilitative care driven more by compassion than a business oriented clinical model. Patients grew to love him for this. Sadly, Brad passed away January 30, 2021 and his family decided to uphold his legacy and carry the business forward.

We are fortunate to have an Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Dispenser at our clinic who immediately charmed the patients with the same compassionate touch that Brad always had. Patients have warmed up to our team quickly and we are working hard to continue upholding Brad's legacy.  

Our clinic is not a corporate numbers driven business, we are standing strong because we care about our patients and have built a loyal client base and maintained it following Brad's passing by going above and beyond to meet the customers needs. Most importantly, meet you where you're at, whether trying to get a current hearing aid fixed, contemplating buying a new one, or just simply wanting to get your hearing tested!

Give us a call and see for your self! 

We look forward to taking care of your hearing needs.