Discover the Power of Customized Hearing Solutions.  

We proudly offer top-of-the-line hearing aids from all major manufactuers, along with a selection of affordable options to suit varied budgets. We're committed to balancing superior performance with accessibility, ensuring quality hearing care for everyone

Our fully digital hearing aids offer exceptional fitting capabilities and automatically adjust to sounds and speech. Our hearing care professionals are fully trained to help you select the most appropriate product based on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We can fit any product, from the most basic to the most technologically advanced hearing aid. 


Find Your Ideal Hearing Aid. 

There are many styles of hearing aids to satisfy your wants and needs. Our audiologist will guide you in choosing the best style based on your unique ear shape, degree of hearing loss, and personal preferences. 

Many people want their aids to be as discreet as possible. Luckily, hearing aids have become considerably smaller, meeting the need for discretion without compromising on performance. 

We understand that budget is an important consideration. Our audiologist will accommodate all factors to prescribe a hearing aid that best suits your auditory needs and lifestyle. 

The Allard Audiology Journey:

🌟 Discuss the listening situations important to you. 
🌟 Assist in selecting a hearing aid style you'll be comfortable with, considering your auditory needs. 
🌟 Help you understand the potential consequences of your hearing loss. 
🌟 Discuss realistic expectations and order hearing aids with features that can help you cope within your lifestyle. 

Our Commitment to You: 
🤝🏻Ensure your hearing aids provide the necessary acoustic gain. 
🤝🏻Validate the benefits during follow-up appointments. 
🤝🏻Ensure your hearing aids are comfortable, easy to use, and effective. 
🤝🏻Teach you how to care for your hearing aids and maintain their proper function over time. 
🤝🏻Work with you to develop coping strategies for challenging listening situations. 

At Allard Audiology, we're here to support you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing.