Hearing aids are like advanced personal hearing computers. These fully digital hearing aids offer great fitting capabilities and automatically adjust to sounds and speech. Our hearing care professionals are fully trained to work with you to select the most appropriate product based on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget. They can fit any product from the most basic to the most technologically advanced hearing aid. 


Receiver in the Canal (RIC) technology is the main Hearing Aid we dispense. They are more comfortable, acoustically optimal, and come in a rechargeable format. 

The Ideal Hearing Aid For You. 

There are many styles of hearing aids to satisfy a person's wants and needs, but some styles can be more appropriate depending on the individual. 

In guiding our patients towards the right hearing aids, we take care consideration to support the patient in making an optimal decision. The shape, size and contours of the ear and ear canal have their own considerations. Ultimately,  the degree of hearing loss (how much increased volume is needed at different frequencies) may necessitate one style of hearing aid over another. Our audiologist will work with you to make the best determination. 

Many people want their aids to be as discreet as possible. Fortunately, hearing aids have shrunk considerably, thereby meeting the need for discretion with the optimal hearing outcome desired.  

There is also the important question of budget to consider. Ultimately, the audiologist will accommodate all factors to prescribe a hearing aid that best suits a patients auditory needs and lifestyle.  

So, you've decided to pursue hearing aids - now what? 

We discuss the listening situations important to you. Assist in the selection of a hearing aid style you will be comfortable with…while giving due consideration of your auditory needs 
We help you understand the potential consequences of your hearing loss 
We discuss realistic expectations 
In ordering their hearing aid, we include features that can help you cope within the realities of their lifestyle, and what you can handle 

We take our role of fitting hearing aids very seriously. 

We ensure, using careful measures, the the aid(s) provide the acoustic gain needed  
We validate during the follow-up process, that you are getting the benefits that we both expect 

You can count on us to assist you to get the best use from your hearing aids 

We insure ensure that the aids are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and as effective as possible 
We'll show you how to take care of your instruments, and insure that they are in proper function over time 
We'll work with you to learn coping strategies for listening situations that are more trying